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Hair Services and Scalp Treatments
HHB Scalp Facial Treatment

Dermabrasion Scalp Treatment is an anti-aging treatment to help regenerate and revitalize scalp skin through exfoliation acting like a facial for the scalp. It removes build-up on the scalp to restore it to a good condition. Helps accelerate skin surface regeneration by up to 34% compared to untreated skin.

Features & Benefits

Dermabrasion anti-aging treatment

Acts like a facial for the scalp

Regenerates and revitalizes

Scalp Infusion technology


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Aromatherapy Hydration Hair Treatment

Aroma therapy hydration hair treatment is infused  with soft steam moisturizing hair treatment. It moisturizes scalp and hair in dry environments, especially during winter seasons, This is for clients  with chemical and environmental damage causing structural damage to hair fiber. Damaged hair has impoverished fiber, porous and rough structure and lack bounce. Rebalancing scalp and hair conquering comfort and freshness  intensive treatments.

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Medical Scalp Detox Treatment
Med Scalp Detox is a treatment that is best used for excessive fungal infections, dandruff, and scalp skin buildup. This is a specialized treatment that has the medical strength to treat fungus, infection, including repair scalp from flaking and inching. 2-4 visits are recommended to show long lasting results. Home care maintenance is also recommended for best results.
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Scalp Frequency Comb Treatment
This one of a kind service induces follicle stimulation, kills bacteria, and stimulates hair growth!
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Keragreen (Keratin Blowout Alternative)
Keragreen is an organic alternative. It has been designed as a more gentle, safe, and natural way to rejuvenate and revive hair. With its ability to naturally restore the hair with protein treatments. It has been formulated with absolutely no formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives, parabens, or ammonia.
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Collagen Infused Protein Treatment
Collagen Infused Protein Treatment is a system that helps nourish the hair from within. It helps reconstruct the hair follicles by stimulating the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. 
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Hair Styling with Tools
All hair types.
Includes Shampoo, deep conditioning, blow-dry and style

(Flat iron  Curling iron)
Organic Curl System
Organic Curl Systems is the most natural, highly effective, permanent texturizing product available worldwide. This texturizer will produce the softest, most natural, easy to manage, long-lasting texture full of body, life, vitality, and bounce. This product will allow you to not only produce incredible curl but perform relaxing and straightening services, as well. It is as versatile as your hair needs.
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Natural Hair Styling

Shampoo, conditioner, no heat natural style.
(May be styled with a diffuser or air dry).

Recommend with Healthy Hair Bar Mineral Softener Treatment


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Microscope Scalp Analysis 
Digital microscope for anyone curious to see the world closer than you can ever see with the naked eye.
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