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Our Mission is to unlock each client’s potential and develop a FULL, HEALTHY head of HAIR. We want our clients at the Healthy Hair Bar to look and feel their best, from the inside to outside. We will go to great lengths to help you to achieve your healthy scalp and hair goals. We offer private and discrete consultations and services for your comfort.
At the Healthy Hair Bar we use the most Purest, Natural, and Gentle Ingredients for your scalp and hair. We are featured as a “Top of the Line” Salon.

Only Organic Hair Products including Healthy Hair Bar’s very own “CALIFORNIA FLOW” Hair Softening System, which is a Natural Alternative to Harsh, Harmful, Chemical Ingredients.

NEVER USE UNHEALTHY PRODUCTS AGAIN! Our products are the result of a lifetime of expertise from various backgrounds from all around the world. Created with minerals that have been proven to work time and again. Let us help you achieve the results you seek and deserve!


Rochelle Chappelle, Founder and Owner of HHB

Rochelle Chappelle, owner of Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon Inc. and creator of California Flow Hair Softening System™ offers clients seeking healthy styling options.  As a beauty and image consultant to the stars plus a healthy hair enthusiast for over 20 years.  Rochelle's mission is to educate her team and women on how to achieve health, beautiful, shiny hair using natural ingredients.  At the Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs salon, Chappelle creates organic hair treatments, custom wigs, extensions, hair pieces, and innovative styling tools.  In 2008, her mother (salon owner/hair stylist) was diagnosed with Multi Myloma Cancer caused by harsh chemicals that can be found in the salons.  She then made it a point to create a salon's environment by using only products that are safe for the stylist and the client.  Relaxers and chemical products are main contributors of hair breakage, thinning, loss, and scalp damage. This spurred Chappelle to develop and launch her own hair care line California Flow Hair Softening System™. The line consists of all-natural products that stimulates hair growth and provides nutrition for the scalp.

Chappelle is a philanthropist and has also partnered with local businesses and organizations to donate makeovers, clothing, and job education to disadvantaged women and veterans that prepare women for a new life.

Featured Item
Hair-A-Dote Treatment
The Hair-A-Dote treatment is not a conditioner; it's a comprehensive hair treatment suitable for all hair types and ages 2 and up. Enriched with proteins, collagen, and coconut oil, it provides essential hydration and long-term protection for your hair.

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Featured Item
Rochelle Chappelle
Owner/ Hair and Scalp Expert

Rochelle Chappelle is a highly accomplished and forward-thinking stylist who possesses a keen sense of style and trend forecasting. With a deep understanding of the hair and beauty industry, Rochelle has been able to create a truly unique and innovative vision for her business, Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs. Located in the picturesque area of Monrovia, California. Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs is a sanctuary for individuals seeking to indulge in a luxurious and healthy spa experience, while also receiving exceptional hair care services.


Rochelle's passion for hair and beauty began at a young age, as she was taught the art of hair styling by her mother, who instilled in her the values of self-reliance, skill, and strength. Throughout her career, Rochelle has honed her craft and has become one of the most sought-after hair artists in the industry. In 2010, Rochelle capitalized on her success and established her first salon in Claremont, California. In her early career based in Atlanta, Georgia. Here, she worked tirelessly to master her craft, and her efforts have paid off in establishing Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs. 


Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs is the physical manifestation of Rochelle's vision and the fulfillment of the dreams of many generations of women in her family. An exceptional hair salon that provides an organic, chemical-free environment for customers to rejuvenate. With her passion, dedication, and hard work, Rochelle has created a salon that is not only a destination for exceptional hair care but also a haven for individuals to relax and leave feeling uplifted. 

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